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Goals and Objectives

The NTDB National Trauma Data Standard has three primary goals & objectives:

  • Implement an electronic trauma registry system in every local hospital, which can collect and use data based on the Version 1.0 dataset standard.
  • Maintain a state trauma registry information system in every state and territory, which can receive and use a portion of the local trauma registry data via the XML standard.
  • Implement a national trauma database, which can receive and use a portion of the state and territorial trauma registry via the XML standard.


Over 75% of the states have some type of trauma data system in place right now at various levels of sophistication. Many states are currently working to revise data elements, improve data capture, and ensure compliance with the future dataset.

NTDB National Trauma Data Standard: First Year Goals

  • Evaluate all state’s capabilities to collect and provide data to the national database
  • Develop, by consensus, a data dictionary containing standard definitions for national trauma variables  
  • Define the inclusion and exclusion criteria for patient submission to the NTDB
  • Develop XML programming language to be used by software vendors
  • Develop compliance policies and applications to facilitate the application of the NTDS XML by software vendors
  • Standardize registrar training regarding variable coding for the NTDS  
  • Develop a plan and system for future versions of the NTDB dataset
  • Provide any requested technical assistance  


Other Objectives

  • Simple and convenient electronic database submission process
  • Centralized processes and interstate-based tools
  • Central repository
  • Establishment of good development tools
  • Publication of the database to researchers
  • The improvement of patient outcomes