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The NTDB would like to offer the latest version of the Software Developer’s Toolkit to states and developers to implement the NTDS XML into their product. This SDK update was posted on 12/4/2014. Previous versions of the NTDS SDK may be found in the website archive.

Hi Everyone,

As Chris mentioned we have a new SDK updated for 2015 that addresses the Rule changes mentioned below. Please download this new SDK as soon as you can for readiness in 2015 so that the validation issues described do not inadvertently prevent your clients from submitting their data. Please forward this email to anyone in your organization who will need to access the new SDK:


The zip contains the usual files and documentation. The release notes highlight the changes over the previous version. As is our normal practice, the zip contains only channels for 2015 (107/207) and can/should be combined with previous years’ channels in order to constitute a full Validator. The files can be copied over the previous version of the 2015 Validator. Any questions or issues at all, please let me know.



Grant Dittmer

NTDS Validator Project Manager

Digital Innovation, Inc.

Contact Information regarding use of the Software Developer’s Toolkit:
Grant Dittmer
Project Manager, NTDS SDK
Digital Innovation
e-mail: NtdsSdkSupport@dicorp.com



The NTDS and NHTSA 2.2.1 Connection

The XML associated with NTDS is similar to the NHTSA 2.2.1 XML, characterizing standardized pre-hospital variables. The XSDs associated with pre-hospital variables in the NTDS exactly match the same variables in the NHTSA 2.2.1 data standard. This compatibility was designed to promote data exchange. The following link provides a document in which green variables demonstrate direct XML and XSD compatability when moving from NEMSIS to NTDS.  Yellow indicates variables in NEMSIS that could “inform” trauma registry abstractors, but no direct data transfer is possible (i.e., there is non-matching XML and XSDs).

Linked document developed by: David James Harden, JD; Trauma Program Coordinator; Arizona Department of Health Services